Jose Andres Jewelry Care Instructions


We hope you will love these accessories as much as we do! Like any other delicate things, we must give proper care to ensure longer wear.

With proper care, your pieces can last for years to come! Follow some simple tips for your jewelry:

  • Remove before physical activities: Bathing, Swimming, Exercising, Sleeping
  • Avoid Contact with Moisture: Perfume, Lotion, Makeup, Sprays and other chemicals
  • Store your Jewelry in a closed box or baggie to prevent scratching

How to Clean your Fine Jewelry at Home?

  • Mix warm water and add mild dish washing liquid in a small container
  • Stir the water and dish soap together using a plastic spoon or you can use your finger
  • Carefully place your Fine Jewelry in the liquid you prepare and soak it for about 20 minutes (this will help to loosen any dirt)
  • After soaking, use a soft toothbrush to remove the dirt
  • Brush the jewelry gently, paying attention to all sides and edges
  • Rinse out the jewelry with clean water and dry it a soft and lint-free cloth

Do this steps weekly to keep your Fine Jewelry clean and sparkly again.